Meet our farmers

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We work with small groups of carefully selected organic, family-run farms. Every farmer is passionate about organic farming and producing high quality dairy produce, which is great for the environment and makes exceptional tasting cheddar.

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Mounticombe Farm2We’re the Keenor family. I’m Marcus and along with my wife, Carol, my brother, Daniel, and his wife, Trudi, we run Mounticombe Farm.

We are third generation farmers and took over our farm in 2001. Before that my father and grandfather had it after my grandfather bought the farm in the 1940s.  We strongly believe that happy, content cows make happy and content farmers. With that in mind we introduced organic farming in 2001. Since then we’ve raised a 220-cow herd, with their health being our top priority.


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Durdon Farm
Hello. My name is Brain Pincombe and I run Durdon Farm along with my wife Glynis. We’ve been farming here since 1984, converting to organic in 1991, and started to supply milk for Kingdom Cheese in 2014.

We milk around 100 Jersey’s, on a 200 acre dairy farm, which live outside for up to 10 months of the year, grazing on the lush, rich pastures of the Devon countryside. Our move to organic was important for health reasons as we believe that this makes for happier, more contented cows.

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West Ash Farm
Hi. My name is Steve and my wife is Lizzie and, together, we run West Ash Farm, a 600 acre organic farm in beautiful North Devon. We are the 5th generation of farmers to work the farm, which was started in 1896. We became organic in 2001, because we believed that it’s a more natural and sustainable way to farm. We started to supply milk for Kingdom Cheese in 2015.

In our 200 cow herd, we have a mix of breeds, consisting mainly of Friesian’s, plus some Norwegian Reds and Brown Swiss, which spend most of the year grazing outside. In addition we farm some beef on a quarter of the land.

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Haylake Farm
Hello. My name is Marilyn Brook and together with my husband Chris and son Geoff, we run Haylake Farm, situated in the middle of Devon, not far from Dartmoor. Haylake is a traditional Devon mixed farm comprising 68 Pedigree British Friesian Organic Dairy Cows, 10 Pedigree Devon suckler cows and some dairy young stock. We also have 200 Dorset Sheep. In all, we farm 400 acres, with 90 owned and 310 rented. We began milking in 1983, and converted to organic in 2000 as we felt it was the right thing to do.

Haylake has been in the family since 1942 and has always been a dairy farm. In fact, according to the Domes Day Book a farm has been here for many centuries, called Heilek, which means an enclosure by a stream.

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Mosshayne Farm
Hello. My name is Henry Gent and I run Mosshayne Farm, a 600 acre of mix of mostly pasture, and some barley and kale. This supports 280 cows, about the same number of calves and young stock, as well as some chicken.

We’ve been farming here for 120 years, following in the footsteps of my father, grandfather and great – grandfather. We converted to organic dairy farming 17 years ago as we felt it was a better way to farm and started to supply milk for Kingdom Cheese in August 2015. Our herd can spend up to 12 months of the year outside gazing forage as our climate in the West Country is so mild.

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Great Simonsborough Farm
Hello! We are the Parsons family. My name is Ben and along with my wife Katy and father Derrick, we run Great Simonsborough Farm.

Our farm is situated in the lovely Blackdown Hills. At over 800 feet, we are in a designated area of outstanding beauty, in East Devon, described as a ‘charming mosaic of countryside dotted with farms, villages and ancient features’.


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Highdown Farm
Hi, we are the Vallis family and we run Highdown farm, A Duchy of Cornwall farm on Prince Charles Bradninch Estate. “Highdown and the Bradninch estate has always been in the Duchy of Cornwall since the Duchy was created in 1337 for the Black Prince”.

The Farm is run by Graham and Sandra alongside daughters Laura and Emily.

We took Highdown in 1991 after farming a Starter farm for 6 years. We started Organic conversion in 1996 when the children were young. The farm is now 400 acres growing mostly grass but also cereals and kale for the cattle. We started in the kingdom pool in summer 2015

Laura milks the 180 mixed bred cows on a spring Paddock system with most of the milk coming from grazed grass and grazed forages. The cows are housed if the weather is bad but the farm is dry and south facing so are out most of the time.

Emily looks after the calves and the young stock. She also does most of the tractor work and feeds the cows in the winter.

Sandra does the book keeping alongside running 3 holiday cottages.

Graham just helps every one! Becca our eldest and her Husband are vets so are called on for advice.

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My name is Bryan and my wife is called Louise, together we run a 200-acre organic dairy farm in the heart of the
countryside, called Spittle Farm. We are the fourth generation of farmers to work the land since my grandfather bought the farm in 1912.

The farm was originally beef and sheep however we moved to a dairy herd in the 1990’s due to my enthusiasm and passion for milking, and now the herd consists of 120 dairy cows. The move to organic production was a natural development as it mirrored the methods of natural grazing.

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Southcott Farm2
My name is David and I run Southcott Farm along with my wife Sarah and 4 children. The farm has been in my family for over 100 years and we have been farming for 25 years. We converted to organic, as it’s a nice, natural and sustainable way to farm. We farm Dairy Shorthorns which are a hardy and pretty cows suited to the climate and grass based system.



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I am Ian and farm in Partnership with my wife Sue and son Martin who is the 4th generation to farm our 170 acres. We milk about 95 cows which are MRI (Meuse Rhine Issel) and MRI X FR these are ideal for producing good quality organic milk from grass.

Upton became organic in 2000 and the cows often graze on species rich permanent meadows as these make up 1/3rd of the farm.



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My name is Geoff and I run Higher Ash Town Farm, which has been in our family for about 100 years. Before converting to organic we were not big users of conventional inputs. Having farmed to conservation grade standards it was an easy decision to go organic in 1999.

The reason I love farming organically is that you are completely at one with nature – birds insects and wild flowers all flourish and live in harmony with our Jersey X Friesian cows. Our cows are kept on a simple grass based system with little or no stress giving us beautiful natural milk.

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My name is Brian and with the help of my partner Angela and her daughter Katie we run a 300 acre dairy farm to the south of Exmoor through which flows the river Mole.

We have a herd of 100 pedigree Jersey cows which live outside for at least 10 months of the year grazing the flora rich river meadows.


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Hello, we are the family that has the pleasure to call these deep wooded valleys of Devon our home. I am Adam and with my partner Andrea and family we run Philham. Our cattle bloodlines go back to the early 1940’s when my Grandfather first kept Friesian cows and we have continued the tradition. Our Family has lived within 9 miles of here since the mid 1600’s.

The land has been farmed Organically since 1998, so we’ve been farming Organically longer than I farmed conventionally. We decided to farm this way, as we wanted our children and animals to be in an environment that was free from chemical risk and enhance their immunity.


Working with nature
At Kingdom Cheddar our cows graze on natural land on grass grown in soil that’s nourished by nature alone. Our farmers use crop rotation to increase soil fertility and don’t use artificial chemical fertilizers or pesticides on pasture.

It is a well known fact that organic farms are frequented more by the beautiful birds, butterflies and wild flowers of the English countryside than non-organic farms.

Showing that organic farming methods not only benefit our health but that of English nature as well.

Happy cows

The organic philosophy means raising cows in a peaceful, natural environment where every single cow is well cared for. If our cows are happy then we’re happy. It makes for an exceptional quality of milk too.

Meet some of the farmers producing our milk in the heart of England’s picturesque West Country.

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